At the heart of the Wine Hills

’Asili’ and ‘Rabajà’ are two of Barbaresco’s most presitigious crus and, in part, share a common border. They both produce wines with well-definable characteristics, owing to differences in soil type: the former giving elegance and delicacy and the latter body and character.
Vineyard "Le Rocche del Falletto" of Serralunga

Vineyards of Nebbiolo and Dolcetto in the La Morra district, right at its top, west-facing and at 500 metres above sea-level. These are a recent acquisition and an exciting addition to the winery’s compendium, just waiting to be discovered.
Vineyard Asili in Barbaresco, west-facing
Terrain in La Morra
Vineyard "Croera" in La Morra
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